Tanzania is a tropical country, with the weather in Dar-es-Salaam being warm year round. According to the forecast, the weather is expected to go as high as 31 degrees Celsius, with the lowest being 23 degrees Celsius.  There is also the possibility of light rain from Thursday to Saturday.


USD 1= 2,251 TZH

EUR 1 = 2,765 TZH

ATMs that accept visa and mastercard are available in the city, and they are only for withdrawing Tanzanian Shillings. Cash is used almost everywhere. Credit/debit cards are not commonly used.


Swahili is the main language in Tanzania. Some locals understand, but they are not majority. You may communicate with the hotel service staff in English. Feel free to ask for assistance from us.

Local Transportation

For local transportation, Dar es Salaam has several options to allow one to move around the city. Private taxis, UBER service and local transportation are all available. There is also availability of internationally recognized health insurance and banking systems.